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  • Blue Ocean Aquarium

 Blue Ocean Aquarium

Sea Turtle Aquarium
Sea Turtle Aquarium






Waterfall Animation

Animated Wallpapers have different screen size settings, with option to hide icons, auto turn on or manual settings.


  • Niagara Falls III

Marine Aquariums

Fresh water Aquariums


Forest Scenes

Lake and Mountains

Beach Scenes

Moo Lit Waterfall

Moon Lit Waterfall

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Soft Coral Sea, Discus Tank, Goldfish Aquarium, Fancy Goldfish Aquarium, Sea Turtle Aquarium, Blue Ocean Aquarium, Dolphins Aquarium, Niagara Falls, Undersea World Aquarium, Arowana Aquarium.

Animated Wallpapers for Windows

We all are working hard and hardly have time to travel far away from home to relax and enjoy what natures has to offer such as enjoy the natural sights and sounds of a waterfall, like the Niagara Falls.

Waterfall Animation's mission is mere devotion and dedication to brings the natural beauty of nature and everything it has to offer from treasure of the deep; the ocean, to crystal clear lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and high mountains, including iceberg from the arctic to the anarctic, from open plains to rains forest; to the desktop and mimic nature's live for amusement, relaxation, and enjoyment.



Goldfish Aquarium
Fancy Goldfish Aquarium (v.1.01) Mandarin Fish Aquarium (v.1.01) Arowana Deluxe Aquarium (v1.0)

Fancy Goldfish wallpaper

Features Lionchu, Oranda, Panda Moor, Pearlscale, Pompom.

Fancy Goldfish aquarium

Mandarin Fish wallpaper

Features colorful Mandarin Fish, Moorish Idol, Tang and many others.

Mandarin Fish wallpapers 


Arowana Fish

Features highly prized Green and Blood red, Silver, and Black Arowana.

Arowana Deluxe Aquarium

Soft Coral Sea (v.2.01)   Goldfish Aquarium (v1.0)  Discus Tank (v.1.0)

Soft Coral Sea Wallpaper

Features crystal clear blue ocean with live soft coral, clown fish, stingray, star fish, butterfly fish and some others tropical fish.

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Goldfish Aquarium

Features Crown Goldfish, Chinese Goldfish, TelescopeEye Goldfish, Tamasaba Goldfish.

Download animated waterfall 

Discus Tank

Features different species of discus fish including Albino Discus, and Marlboro Red.


Discus fish tank 

  Angels of the Sea (v.1.0)   Naso Tang (v.1.0)   Dolphins Aquarium (v1.01)

MArine angels

Features selected marine Angels , French Angel, Queen Angel in coral reefs.

Queensland Waterfall free download 

NAso Tang

Features selected Tangs including Blonde Naso Tang, black, blue, green, and brown Tang.

mountain Rainier Snow 

Dolphins Aquarium Wallpaper

Features Dolphins and calves frolic in crystal clear blue water, seems to enjoy and play with the current and bubbles, enjoy accompany by sea turtle.

Dolphins Aquarium wallpapers

     Niagara Falls (v.3.02)    Blue Ocean Aquarium (v.2.01)   Undersea World (v.2.02)

Niagara Falls

Features Niaraga Falls center front view animated with flying Bald Eagles, Seagulls, Butterflies, thunderous sounds and misty of waterfall.

Niagara Falls free download 

Blue Ocean Aquarium

Features stingray, Orca, Dolphins,butterflies fish, multiple screensettings, auto on or off, hide unhide icons for better view. Support multiple languages setup.

Blue Ocean Aquarium

Undersea World Aquarium

Features different cpesies of Butterfly fish, Rock fish, Star fish, Black clown, and Sea Turles, with multiple screen settings, auto on or off.

Undersea World Aquarium 

   Ha Long Bay (v.1.0)   Niagara Falls II (v.3.02)     Ha Long Bay 3 (v.1.0)

Ha LOng Bay Vietnam

Features one of many jagged rock island from famed Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

download Ha Long Bay wallpaper

Niagara Falls II

Features Niagara Falls side view, Bald Eagle, Seagulls, multiple sounds

Animated Niagara Falls II side view

Ha Long Bay wallpaper

Features one of hundreds famed jagged rock islands of Ha Long Bay from Viet Nam with 3D UFO.

Ha Long Bay wallpaper

  Angels of the Sea (v.1.0)  Jewels of the Red Sea (v.2.0)  Great Barrier Reefs (v.1.0)

Marine Angels

Angels of the Sea features different species of marine angels including French Angel, Queen Angel, and Blue-Ring Angel.

marine angel fish

Red sea angels

Jewels of the Red Sea features assorted species of marine angels including Fire Angel, Banded-Angel.

Fire angel

Great Barrier Reef features under ocean volcano and assorted species of marine angels including Majestic Angel, Masked-Angel, Fire Shrimps, and Sea Crabs.

Great barrier reefs wallpapers