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Dolphins Aquarium

Dolphins Aquarium

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The Dolphins Aquarium features Dolphins and calves in a crystal clear warm tropical ocean near the undersea volcano, with Orca, Purple Tang, Blue Tang, White Tang, Fire Shrimps, Sea Crabs, Starfishes, and Blue-Dotted Stingrays around the pristine coral reefs, calm and warm tropical ocean, with magnificent colorful fish couple with the relaxing sounds of crashing ocean's wave and ambient sounds of Dolphins and majestic and intelligent animals like the Dolphins is a thrill and privilege offers by natures in which you often have to scuba dive to see them. Especially, around the protected mother Dolphins, a beautiful seascape for them to relax and with the animated desktop wallpapers they can help you relax too by display them right on your desktop. Unlike, traditional screensavers which only runs when your computer is idle so you are not there to enjoy the beauty; but with the animated wallpaper you just keep working and enjoy the majestic and beautiful and intelligent Dolphins swimming around behind your desktop icon.







Fire Pumpkin Face

Halloween Pumpkin Face

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The animated wallpaper features the Fire Pumpkin Face with candle lights suitable for Halloween decoration with bright flashing eyes, flickering and burning flames from the mouth and combining with dimming candle lights in a dark night background is a thrill during Halloween. For the whole family to enjoy the Halloween spirit you can run the wallpaper on the
laptop or desktop via HDMI connection to big screen TV.


SoftPedia's Elaborated descriptions after thoughtful evaluation.

Welcome the Halloween spirit with this intuitive application that enlivens your desktop with a decorative pumpkin. Fire Pumpkin Face is a simple to use software that applies an animated wallpaper to your screen, thus getting you into the holiday state. The software allows you to hide the desktop icons, if you wish.





Soft Coral Sea

Soft Coral Sea Wallpapers

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The Soft Coral Sea features assorted species of marine angels including Fire Angel, Banded-Angel, and Queen Angel, Blue-Ring Angel, Blue-Striped Angel, King Angel, Lemon-peel Angel, Multicolor Angel, Rusty Angel, French Angel, Koran Angelfish, Powder-Blue Tang, Yellow Clown (Nemo), Black Clown, Hammer Head Shark, Rock Fish, Fire shrimp, Sea Crabs, Acan coral, Black-Tube Coral,Closed-Brain coral, Elegance coral, Flower-Pot coral, Fox coral, Green Polyp, Green coral, Long Tentacle Coral and Open-Brain coral.In a crystal clear water of the tropical ocean coral reefs, in the wild angel fish inhabits coral reefs full of sea Anemone, Soft colorful corals, and hard coral, their bright and striking colors usually because of the food they eats, the adult Emperor Angel will eat soft coral, small invertebrates, and even nipple on Sea Anemone. The purpose of animated Desktop wallpaper, you will be able to display this magnificent creatures in the maintenance-free and feeding-free mini ocean with colorful coral reefs exhibit right on your desktop.







Blue Ocean Aquarium

Blue Ocean Aquarium Wallpapers

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Blue Ocean Aquarium features Crystal Clear Blue Ocean with abundance of live soft and colorful hard coral, with real colorful tropical pragmatically animated fish including Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Rock fish, Powder Blue Tang, Blue Tang, Achilles Tang, Sea Horses, Black-White Clown, yellow-White Clown, Star fish, Bright yellow Butterfly fish, Black-White stripe Butterflies fish, Dolphins, Green Polyp, Queen Angel, Fire-Queen Angel, Grey-Striped Angel, Emperor Angel, Fire Shrimp, Sea Crabs, Sea Horses, and Anemone. No one can predict how the fishes will behave in the wild, i.e. swims, eats. We can only do our best to mimic their behaviors and recreate their natural environment so that we can bring them home for our entertainment and enjoyment. That is the whole purpose of animated Desktop wallpaper, you will be able to display these magnificent creatures in the maintenance-free and feeding-free mini ocean with colorful coral reefs exhibit right on your desktop. It is an under tropical ocean paradise that you don't have to scuba dive to enjoy.

****Tips for better viewing**** You can hook up your laptop or desktop via HDMI connection to your pride's investment of the big screen TV while running the wallpaper and you can turn your TV into an ocean of gorgeous fish.







Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest

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Softpedia Editor's Review for Tropical Forest

Having an animated desktop presents certain advantages and disadvantages compared to a still one. Although it uses more resources than the regular wallpaper, the animated one provides you with interactive scenery that can help you relax while watching it.

Although there are numerous themes for animated desktops, one of the most calm and relaxing remains the tropical rain forest, with its diverse wildlife and fauna. One desktop enhancement tool that can offer you this is Tropical Forest. It animates your desktop, displaying images that you would commonly see in a tropical rain forest, along with all the wildlife and flora encountered. Elegant desktop enhancement utility. The application provides you with a modern-looking and innovative animated desktop that mimics the animals and plant life that you would normally see in a tropical rain forest. Complete with sound, the program recreates the habitat of a wild rain forest.

The main control of the application runs in System Tray, thus not interfering with you while you are working or enjoying your animated desktop. Intuitive animation controls and image options while using Tropical Forest, you can easily enhance your experience, by tweaking the way the application works. You can show or hide desktop icons, in order to not interfere with the animations displayed by the program. Furthermore, you can change the position of the main animation, to either fill or fit. This way, you can choose how the animation is placed on your desktop, and avoid any mispositioned or empty spaces in your screen. A modern-looking animated wallpaper to conclude, Tropical Forest provides you with a relaxing and pleasant animation of the flora and fauna commonly encountered in a rain forest. You can sit back and enjoy the interaction between the animations displayed or listen to the relaxing sound it plays while you work.

Tranquil River

Tranquil River Animated Wallpaper

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Softpedia Editor's Review for Tranquil River

Tranquil River is a simple to use application, capable of transforming our desktop to an animated scenery of a tropical river, flowing through the trees. The animation is applied to the water flow and to the birds, in order to simulate a realistic experience. Lush scenery unveiling on your desktop. Tranquil River adds an animated wallpaper to your desktop, that can enliven your screen and relax you, every time you open it. The wallpaper is designed to bring a recreational atmosphere, with the flowing river, through the forest, blue skies and soaring eagles. Additionally, you may enable sounds and listen to birds chirping and the water flowing.

Moreover, you may hide away the taskbar and the icons on your desktop in order to transform your screen into a relaxation device, and view the entire wallpaper. Easily modify image size settings. You can set the wallpaper software to start silently, with Windows, without notifying you. The software features an autorun function which enables it to start by itself.

The size of the wallpaper can be adjusted, in order to fit your screen, by setting the picture position. Thus you can stretch it to fit the margins of the screen, maintain its dimensions or resize it so that it fills the entire screen. You may enable or disable sound at any time, from the Settings window. Additionally, you may set the volume, in order to listen to the flowing river and chirping birds, yet not get distracted from your work. The other icons on your desktop can easily be hidden away, or smoothed, in order to fit into the scenery, yet still be accessible. With Tranquil River you can turn your desktop in a visual and auditive relaxation tool, by installing a colorful wallpaper of a river flowing through the forest. The lush scenery, bright colors and discrete animation are designed to create a recreational atmosphere and help you calm down when working at the computer for long hours.


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Blue Ocean Aquarium

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Autumn Waterfall

Autumn Waterfall wallpaper

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Autumn Waterfall features action scripts animated waterfall during autumn with relaxing serene sounds of waterfall, birds chirping, butterflies flying. You do not have to travel far in order to enjoy the serene scene and sounds of waterfall, and what natures has to offer, this wallpaper is design for that purpose. Particularly, for those who cannot take time out from a hectic life and from work. With this animated wallpaper you can bring nature right into your living room.

***Viewing Tips***For bigger picture and better sights and sounds it is suggest that you hook up the PC or laptop to your Big Screen TV via HDMI.







Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach wallpaper

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Let is decorate your desktop with pristine, beautiful, calm, relaxing, and romantic sunset at the beach. You can sit back and relax listening to the crashing sounds of the wave, sporadic foghorn in the foggy sunset at dusk, sea birds are still enjoying the last minutes of calm sea swimming around before take-off to their roosting ground. Whereas, the Seagulls are definitely
taking advantage of a little sun lights left and navigating straight toward their roosting place. We are not the only one who wants to watch the sunset. As a boat full of spectators anchored on the horizon and watching the magnificent sunset.








Undersea World Aquarium

Undersea World Aquarium

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Undersea World Aquarium features crystal clear blue ocean with live soft, and hard colorful coral, with real colorful tropical pragmatically animated fish including Yellow Tang, Black Tang, Yellow-Stripe Tang, gem Tang, Rock fish, Orange Clown, black Clown, Powder Blue Tang, Achilles Tang, Sea Horses, Lion fish, Star fish, Morey eel, Butterfly fish, Sea Turtle, hammer Head shark, Gold Angel, Black-Gray Angel, Flag-Fin Angel, yellow-green Queen Angel, Stripe-Gray Angel, Black-Gold Angel, Gray Angel, Masked Angel, Queen Angel, Green Polyp, Pink Sea Anemone, Red Anemone, Green Coral, Acan Coral, Black-Tube Coral, Bright Green Coal, Closed Brain Coral, Coral Plant, Elegance Coral, Flower-Pot Coral, Fox Coral, and Long-Tentacle Coral around the undersea volcano. It is an under tropical ocean paradise that you don't have to scuba dive to enjoy. With this animated wallpaper you can enjoy the treasure of the ocean right on your desktop with crashing sounds the of ocean's wave.


 Windows Operating System

All animated Wallpapers and Screensavers are compatible with the following Windows OS:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista



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Statute of Liberty matrix

Statute of Liberty Matrix code

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The Statute of Liberty Matrix wallpapers/screensavers assemble the Statute of Liberty with live burning torch and live stars spangle banner US Flag using raining matrix codes display with white and gray to mimic the real color of the statute and green outlining color. To simply displaying matrix codes is one thing but to display something significant and meaningful to our heart is another.

Mesmerizing display of space vortex, comet, sparkling stars and asteroids













Amazing Maze (Game)

Amazing Maze Game

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The Amazing Maze puzzle is a receation of the Corn's Maze that created by creative farmers throught-out North America during the hot summer months that attracks thousand of tourists. Physically walking and try to navigate yourself out of a Corn's Maze during a hot, and humid summer day is quite physically exhausting, and mentally challenging, well, at least for some.
The good news is with the Amazing Maze, you don't have to physically walk and navigate your way out the maze so it is not pysically demanding, however, a little mental concentration is require to have some fun with the Amazing Maze.
The purpose of the game is for you to enter yourself (represent by a ball in the maze) at the maze's entrance on the upper part of the maze and try to navigate out of the maze's exit on the bottom part of the maze using the designed graphic circle with four directional arrows to maneuver the ball with your finger tip, for the desktop version you can use the mouse pointer.










Stop Lights Game

Stop Lights Game

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The Stop Lights Game is a desktop PC game with the objective of trying to get all the lights to turn to green. It is a puzzle similar to the Rubik's Puzzle cube that you try to get the same color line up on the same side. This Stop Lights Game consist of three lights Green, Yellow and Red. It sounds easy enough. But it is a brainteaser at the same time. Every time to click on the light it will change color but with the right click, right number of clicks, right pattern and all the lights will turn green. That is the Objective of this game. The game consists of many modules, many levels, Easy, Hard, Harder and Hardest. You can change, reset or create new puzzle anytime. And help is not far away, with a click on the help button and you will be presented with some information.
Once you have met the objective you will be presented with a score screen and the total numbers of try it took you to meet the objective.

Amazing Maze Game (Android APPS)
Amazing Maze game for AndroidAmazing Maze game is also available for Android phones and tablets including the Kindle Fire devices by Amazon. You can download it directly into your phone instantly from Amazon APPS store.
Stop Lights Game (Android APPS)
Stop Lights Game for Android Amazing Maze game is also available for Android phones and tablets including the Kindle Fire devices by Amazon. You can download it directly into your phone instantly from Amazon APPS store.
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Niagara Falls

Autumn Waterfall

Autumn Waterfall